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 * Copyright 1993-2002 Christopher Seiwald and Perforce Software, Inc.
 * This file is part of Jam - see jam.c for Copyright information.

 * pathsys.h - PATHNAME struct 
 * 11/04/02 (seiwald) - const-ing for string literals

 * PATHNAME - a name of a file, broken into <grist>dir/base/suffix(member)
 * <grist> is salt to distinguish between targets that otherwise would
 * have the same name:  it never appears in the bound name of a target.
 * (member) is an archive member name: the syntax is arbitrary, but must 
 * agree in path_parse(), path_build() and the Jambase.
 * On VMS, we keep track of whether the original path was a directory
 * (without a file), so that $(VAR:D) can climb to the parent.

typedef struct _pathname PATHNAME;
typedef struct _pathpart PATHPART;

struct _pathpart {
      const char *ptr;
      int   len;

struct _pathname {
      PATHPART    part[6];
# ifdef OS_VMS
      int         parent;
# endif

# define f_grist  part[0]
# define f_root         part[1]
# define f_dir          part[2]
# define f_base         part[3]
# define f_suffix part[4]
# define f_member part[5]

} ;

void path_build( PATHNAME *f, char *file, int binding );
void path_parse( const char *file, PATHNAME *f );
void path_parent( PATHNAME *f );

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